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Sound  |  Artistry  |  Quality  |  Technology

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KM Mumbai brings a new form of creative mentoring to align directly with the global contemporary music industry 


Sound | Artistry | Quality | Technology

In 2008, KM Music Conservatory (KMMC) Chennai, opened its doors to music enthusiasts across the country to further Maestro A.R. Rahman’s vision of nurturing new generations of music aspirants by offering them world class education in both western and Hindustani musical traditions and music technology. Since its inception, KMMC has grown exponentially with alumni now represented in the performance, recording, composition and education industries nationwide and globally. Today, KMMC is recognised as a music education leader in India and the dream is still unfolding as we look to the future.


With this in mind, KM Mumbai has launched its new state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of the Mumbai entertainment industry. The aim is to empower music lovers and professionals to sharpen their skills as they train in the latest technologies. They will work with global industry experts and music professionals, aligning this mentoring directly to real-world situations, providing access and support for career advancement and creative networking.  Now in Mumbai, with exclusively curated programmes that match the demands of today’s industry, aspiring and emergent music professionals can look forward to advancing themselves in the musical world.

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Dear students,

KM Music Conservatory was founded to expand the horizons of musicians in India. While continuing to respect and strengthen the art of Indian music, the institution also offers an education in Western music and music technology.

KM Music Conservatory provides students with a strong artistic, intellectual, and technical foundation for pursuing professional careers in music. Students will graduate with an internationally competitive education in Western music and music technology and production. A warm welcome to you all!

A.R. Rahman

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