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In Music Composition, students get an insight into the following:

  • Introduction to Music Composition

  • Foundation Music Analysis and history of ‘Classical to Present day Music’

  • Developing Listening Skills

  • Pastiche development

  • Technical terms & Musical devices in music compositions

  • Composing and Arranging for small-ensemble

  • Introduction to Orchestral works

  • Using music theory as a tool to effectively implement in music  composition

  • Understanding and implementation of musical forms (small & large forms)  used from “Classical era to present day music

  • Understanding and developing musical themes

  • Developing motifs , counter-melodies and phrasing the musical idea  effectively

  • Use of Voice arrangement theories to develop harmony over a musical  ideas, themes / motifs

  • Viewing, listening and understanding harmony, movement of notes and  musical ideas through various musical examples, which can be useful in  implementing in student’s music composition

  • Understanding soundscapes, foley effect if students are scoring for a  visual media

  • Developing effective arrangement of the complete music being composed

  • Developing the compositions to be performable as well

  • Introduction to the use of Digital Audio Workstation for

  • Implementing  compositional ideas as well.


​In Music Theory, we aim to give students a comprehensive understanding of the following:​

  • Introduction to Pitch , Duration , Intensity and Tempo

  • Interval Studies , Time and Scales

  • Transposition

  • Ornaments &  Abbreviations​

  • Phrasing, Chords, Cadences

  • Introduction to Harmony in four-parts

  • Introduction to melody writing and modulations

  • Setting words to Music

  • Harmonic Progression

  • Extended Chords

  • Introduction of Alto & Tenor clefs ( utility in pastiche , film-scoring , big-band or orchestral works).

  • The Chromatic scale & discords

  • The texture of Piano music

  • Figured Bass

  • Instrument colours and capabilities

  • Pastiche

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