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Duration - 1 Year


Tue, Thu, Fri (12pm - 2pm)

Cost: Rs 4,50,000/- (inc GST)

Call: +91 7200091301 | +91  8122987826



The course delves deeply into the techniques and essential tools utilized in film scoring, encompassing Composition, Orchestration, Music Notation, Logic Pro X, and Working with Visuals as its primary focal points. For those intrigued by composing music for media, this course furnishes the necessary tools vital for thriving in the industry.

Students will delve into the art of film scoring from diverse viewpoints, encompassing the musical elements, their integration within cinematic contexts, and the creation of authentic film cues using industry-standard software.

Additionally, the program includes workshops and lectures conducted by active professionals in the field.

Upon completion, students will possess comprehensive insights into how music operates within a film, enabling them to apply these concepts effectively in their own projects.

This course can be taken as part of the full time course Professional Music Industry Training for a more comprehensive experience.


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Film Music Analysis (Visuals)

This module focuses on studying films to analyze the synergy between music and visuals. We'll delve into classic films across various genres to comprehend the diverse scoring techniques utilized, based on the film's style

Music Notation

This module comprehensively covers all aspects of music notation, providing students with a thorough understanding of staff notation. The aim is to equip students with the necessary skills to compose music using notation software effectively, as well as enabling them to analyze music scores, whether for small or large ensemble compositions.


In this module we take a detailed look into the stylistic elements inherent in film music, considering its melodic, harmonic, and instrumental aspects. Emphasis will be placed on exploring the works of major film composers spanning the last 60 years. For each film, we'll dissect several iconic pieces, analyzing the musical devices employed in their composition. Most importantly, we will assess how these devices align with the mood and genre of the respective films.

Introduction to Sibelius

This module aims to guide students on effectively utilizing the Sibelius notation software. This tool, coupled with the music notation course, aims to furnish students with comprehensive expertise in notating music and composing directly onto the score.


This module will center around composing using Midi/Plug-Ins within Logic Pro X.

We'll delve into the functionalities of Logic Pro, examining its built-in instruments and also external plug-ins. The aim here is to explore the potential these tools offer in composition.

Film Music Composition

This module will take a detailed look at stylistic traits of film music from a melodic, harmonic and instrumental perspective, with focus on the major film composers of the last 60 years. For each film we will examine several iconic pieces and look at the musical devices used to compose the music. Most importantly, we will examine how these devices match the mood and genre of the film.



Classes will be led by a lecturer providing information using audio and visual examples. Students will take notes and revise for following classes

Lab Sessions

The students will receive a task or assignment from the teacher which they will then carry out in the classroom.

Review Sessions

These will be held often to assess the students work and give constructive feedback, and also give the students a chance to critique each others work.


  • Weekly homework assignments for each module

  • Final project Assignment for each module

  • Students are required to complete/pass all forms of assessments in order to be awarded with a Passing certificate.


Minimum Qualification

Higher Secondary/12th Standard or Equivalent


16 Years or Above


Proficiency on instrument or basic keyboard skills

Versed in - Scales, Modes, Chords, Key Signatures, Time Signatures


Film/Media Music Composer
Music Editor
Music Supervisor
Midi Programmer

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