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Professional Music Industry Training

Be the future of music

Combining both our Film Scoring & Composition course with our Music Production course, this full time option of 14 hours of teaching per week provides students with an intensive and immersive learning experience that is complemented by 1-on-1 lessons in either an instrument, composition or production and training in Western Music Theory, Musicianship and Keyboard Skills.



Designed for those who want to dedicate a year to concentrated up-skilling to be a competitive and desirable industry musician this course finishes with a short internship/project experience alongside our in-house professional studio team to ensure the most relevant and current knowledge is achieved.


-Full Time, 14 hours per week teaching
-28 Teaching Weeks

-6 Weeks Internship / Professional Project

-Includes 1-on-1 mentoring, music theory, keyboard skills

-2 Semesters: Jan-May, Jun-Oct

-Rs 7,50,000 /- [inc GST]

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