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Music Production

Duration: 1 Year

Price: 7,50,000 inclusive of 18% GST

Music Production

The course goes in-depth on music production and some of the established Industry methods & concepts. Music Theory, Keyboard Skills, Music Programming & Arranging, Editing, Sound Design, Sampling, Music for Films & Advertisements, working in a Professional Studio, Home Studio Acoustics, Mixing & Mastering are the key topics covered in the course. For those interested in professionally working in the Music Industry, this course offers an introductory to advanced level of training. Students will study the process of making a musical project from the initial idea to the final mix through hands-on training sessions, projects, ear training, studio experience & guest lectures from the industry’s top professionals. On completion of the course, students will understand & have working knowledge of music production and techniques used in song production, professional studio and films.


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Music Production Basics

Fundamental Audio Concepts & Mindset Music Theory & Keyboard Skills

Song Form, Editing, Arranging & Basic Mixing

Working with Logic Pro X

Ideation to Realisation

Digital Audio Concepts & Technology

Capturing & Recording Ideas

Microphones & Recording Technology

Studio Workflow

Advance Editing

Digital Audio Concepts, Sampling & Synthesis

Sampling Technology

Working with samplers

Fundamental Concepts - Synthesis Software  Synthesisers

Hardware Synthesisers


Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Acoustics & Creative Production Techniques

DIY Home Studio Acoustics
Dynamic Processing
Effects Processing
Creative Routing Techniques
Creative Mixing & Advance Production Techniques

Music & Sound Design For Visuals

Mindset & Preparations
Decoding Visuals into Musical Cues
Film Music
Ad - Film Music & Jingle Production

Art Of Mixing & Mastering

Mixing Space & Dimension
Mixing Audio - Session management to Finalising the mix
Mastering Audio - Stereo & Stem Mastering
Spacial Audio Mixing

Course Highlights

The course also includes Keyboard Skills, Music Theory, Music Study & Songwriting sessions which is specifically made for Music Producers/Composers to help produce music seamlessly. Guest Lectures from the industry’s top professionals will help you understand and apply the industry jargon better.

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The Diploma in Music Production prepares students for the following job opportunities:


Music Producer 

Music Programmer 

Background Music Composer 

Film Music Composer 

Music Editor 

Recording Engineer

Music Supervisor 

Mixing Engineer 

Mastering Engineer 

Vocal Editor 

Music Supervisor 

Vocal Producer 

Studio Manager 

Music Composer

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